Item No. 18090-51
Micro Bead Sterilizer with Glass Beads

14 x 14.5 x 21.5cm

Micro Bead Research Sterilizer with Glass Beads; 230V (Tall Model)

Micro Bead Sterilizer is ideal for the sterilization of bigger research tools (forceps, scissors, etc.). When the chamber is filled with the included glass beads, high temperatures (up to 300° C) can be used to eliminate the presence of bacteria, spores and other micro-organisms. The typical exposure time is about 10 seconds for sterilization of commonly used items, such as forceps, scissors, tweezers, scalpels, inoculation loops, etc.

This product is designed for research use only.

Not intended for clinical use.

  • Digital control, up to 300° C
  • Includes Glass beads (150 g)
  • Temperature range: 100 to 300° C 


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